From the crystalline waters of a 120 million-year-old tropical sea, to the fossils of an 820 meter-high mountainside, to your hand.


120 M.Y. is a series of wearable sculptures that feature a reproduction of fossil corals that lived during the Cretaceous (approximately 120 million years ago), found at what is now the Pyrenees Mountain Range.  The original fossils were casted into solid silver, and from them I welded a series of rings and bracelets in collaboration with 15a Studio.

The project has been conceived as an answer to a time dominated by anthropogenic climate breakdown: a symbol of bodily engagement, companionship and care. Coral reefs gather the largest ecosystem biodiversity on Earth, and yet are one of the most widely-affected creatures by Global Warming.

Every time one of these wearable sculptures is sold, a portion of its value is donated to the Oceanus Reef Restoration Program. The contributions fund reef restoration practices, by directly adopting one coral for future re-insertion into threatened marine ecosystems. An adoption certificate and follow-up photographs are directly sent to the host by the Oceanus Foundation.

Solid silver and gold-plated.





Want to adopt a coral? you can order yours directly at: 15a Studio.

Rings- edition of 10: Silver 180 € / silver, gold plated 240 €

Bracelets- edition of 5: Silver 305 € / silver, gold plated 360 €