Miguel Sbastida is a visual artist working across sculpture, video installation and site-specific performance, in an investigation around the intersections of geologic time, cultural ecologies and climate breakdown. In his works, he investigates the geo-poetics of matter and environmental processes through ontological, scientific, eco-critic, and post-colonial perspectives. His process is highly conceptual and understands art making as an entry point for epistemological analysis and social transformation. Through an exercise of interrogating the traditional boundaries between the lively and the inert, the human and the non-human, the biologic and the geologic, his works strive to establish new perspectives towards a sense of belonging, agency, cross-contamination and exchange in our relationship with the Earth Organism.

Over the last ten years, his works have been exhibited internationally at venues like the Zhou B Art Center Chicago, ARCO Madrid, CDAN Museum, Korea Foundation Gallery Seoul, BOZAR Brussels, EsBaluard, Expo Chicago, Museo Centre del Carme, Boghossian Foundation, Chicago Sullivan Galleries, IFCO Film Art Center Ottawa, Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, and the Netherlands Institute for Media Art, among others.

His practice has been awarded with several prizes and grants, including the Asia Culture Center Korea Residency Grant, Emerging Illinois Artists, Circuitos de Artes Plásticas, Matadero-DKV Grant, Madrid Art Funds/Ayudas a la Producción Comunidad de Madrid, Oneminutes Film Festival Art Amsterdam, Encuentros de Arte Contemporáneo, BilbaoArte Foundation grant, 3Piedras Foundation grant, or the School of the Art Institute of Chicago Professional Development Award.

Sbastida graduated from an MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2015-17), with the full support of a scholarship from La Caixa Foundation; where he was nominated for the Dedalus Foundation awards in Sculpture. He completed a BFA at Universidad Complutense of Madrid (2007-12) after his fellow BFA studies in Holland (2011) and Canada (2012). Later on, he has participated in international symposiums like Climate-Truth-Now Chicago (2017), Sostenibilidad (o no tanta) en la Creacion Artistica y sus Instituciones (2020), II International Forum. HerbArt: art and science at confluence (2021), and directed the seminar Ethics for Making in the Anthropocene (2018).

His performance and book Walk Like a Glacier (2016/17) has been featured in Antennae-The Journal for Nature in Visual Culture, and has been widely acquired by institutions in the United States; including the Joan Flasch Artist’s Book Collection, Yale University Haas Collection, Harvard University Special Collection, UCSD Geisel Library Collection, and the Museum of Modern Art Franklin Furnace Artists’ book collection among others.

Part of his works can be found in the collections of institutions including the Asia Culture Institute of South Korea, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, DKV Collection, BilbaoArte Foundation, University of Ottawa, and the Oneminutes Foundation Netherlands, among others.

Miguel is based in Madrid and his work is represented by LMNO, Brussels. He lives and works in Spain and beyond.


LMNO, Brussels. (Gallery) // Zapadores Ciudad del Arte, Madrid. (Studio)

Interview concerning my art practice and some specifics of my project Technofossils of the Anthropocene 2018-ongoing