cartographies of an expedition


Series of seven maps mounted on steel (1,5 mm) and graphite drawings (197 x 97 cm)

Cartographies of an expedition makes reference to the study of a collection of seven rocks gathered along the course of several journeys through the North American continent.
Like in the expedition, the concepts of landmark, specimen, cartography, and topography are implemented as a means to discuss ideas related to material displacement, tensions between the land-scape and the law-scape, the cartographic and the geopoetic; and relationships between micro and macro geographic scales.

Out of respect and in consideration for the geological history preceding the finding of these stones, I developed a series of cartographic artifacts, including map sections, latitude and longitude coordinates, photographs taken at the sites and sample textures. Trying to understand the stone as an abstracted landscape extraction, I carefully studied the topography of a section within these rocks and made a series of topographical drawings. Once these were finished, the area corresponding to the drawing was excavated in the stone.