Series of philosophical and scientific illustrations based on the history of the hierarchy of beings, which see their birth in Aristotle’s Scala Naturae and their integration over time in other Western disciplines, such as the Christian philosophy of Ramon Llull (Scala of Intellect), the scholastic development of genealogy, linguistics and logic, the natural philosophy of Charles Bonnet (Idée d’une échelle des êtres naturelles), or the theory of evolution illustrated by Ernst Haeckel (Pedigree of Man) and Charles Darwin, among others.
The project investigates the symbology of tree diagrams and traces their cultural transformation over time, from the Sumerian tree of life to the evolutionary diagrams of the late scientific Enlightenment.

Engraved museum glass and silkscreen on paper Munken Pure. Shadow of engraved glass.
60x60cm – series of 5

Engraved marble (sculpture)
70x70x20 cm