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In late April 2016 I traveled to Juneau, Alaska, on a journey to visit glaciers and perform Walk like a Glacier: a site-specific intervention in which I carried and displaced a block of ancient glacial ice, walking from the glacier’s tongue of Mendenhall Glacier, all the way down to its glacial lake. During a period of nearly two hours, I traversed a distance of 3,8 km —carrying a block of ice that would slowly melt against my back— until I reached the place at which the glacier ended in the year that I was born; nowadays situated more than two kilometers away from the edge of the glacier’s terminus and increasing.




Walk Like a Glacier book. Photographs, Design and Layout by Carlota Antón.

This 94-page artist book includes a selection of photographs documenting the entire performance, and an essay that positions the action in the context of the history of walking as an aesthetic practice; drawing parallels with other artists and other types of walks such as the procession, the expedition, the protest and the funeral. The essay includes a narration of the entire action, and situates it in the context of the world’s climate crisis.

Please contact me for a digital sample of the book, or a print-on-demand request.

On view at

The Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

MoMA – Franklin Furnace Artist Book Collection (currently indexing)

CDAN. Center for Art and Nature. In-Doc. Huesca, Spain

The Geisel Library Special Collection. University of California San Diego

Harvard University Library Special Collection

Swarthmore College Library Artists Book Collection

Pratt Insitute – Franklin Furnace Artist Book Collection (currently indexing)

Kohler Artists Book Collection. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Yale University. Haas Arts Library Special Collection